Ethos x Bitmart — AMA Summary Nov. 26, 2021

Ethos participated in an AMA session within the Bitmart Telegram community, here is a wrap up of the topics discussed and QA session.

1. Please tell us about your background, and about your journey into crypto.

My name is Moms, I’m the creator, lead developer and executive with Ethos Project. I got into crypto in 2017 by mining some of the more popular cryptocurrencies of that time, and eventually taking part in the ICO boom and bust of 2017/2018.

Over the resulting bear market, I spent much of the time focused on the technical and developmental side of cryptocurrencies, specifically smart contract development with Solidity.

My background as a Computer/Electrical Engineer working in the software engineering space helped me appreciate the details of smart contracts and decentralized applications.

Before May 2021, I had been working as a Saleforce Developer for over 10 years, quitting my Salesforce career to pursue a career in crypto development. We started a meme token called Super Shiba in May 2021, which rebranded and relaunched as Ethos in August as a smart contract auditing platform.

I’m based out of Canada, however, our team is truly global and come from almost every continent.

2. What is Ethos?

Ethos is a project which focuses on smart contract auditing and dApp security by combining automated AI-driven code auditing, security tracking and verification with the use of NFTs, and IT/cyber security auditing.

3. What is the main purpose of the Ethos project?

Ethos’ main goal is to innovate the smart contract auditing space by creating a more efficient and cost-effective way for crypto projects to have their smart contracts and decentralized applications audited.

Currently it can cost up to $10–30K USD to audit smart contracts with the comprehensive nature that everyone needs in this space. However, new projects do not usually have these funds ready at the beginning.

Furthermore, the wait to get an audit can be long based on the manual line-by-line analysis. Ethos is trying to reduce both the amount a supreme audit costs, and the time that it takes to complete.

By using NFT technology as a form of audit verification, it makes it easier for other dApps to integrate Ethos audit verification within their platforms, eventually providing this crucial audit information to their end-users looking to invest in fully audited project tokens.

4. What services and products does Ethos provide?

Ethos currently provides the following services

1. Smart Contract Auditing

  • manual code analysis
  • automated analysis
  • best practices adherence
  • cyber security threat analysis
  • on-chain metrics analysis
  • NFT verification

2. Custom dApp Development

  • Token smart contract
  • Dex/farm/pool contracts
  • Decentralized applications
  • EVM & Solana

We also provide development consulting services for many projects that need a higher level application design and advice on smart contracts and dApps.

Our target audience for these services are new projects mostly that are looking to have a quick but still detailed audit when they start their project so they can reassure their communities of their contract’s security levels. And we also help projects develop some of their dApps so they can go to market quicker.

5. What makes Ethos audits different from other smart contract auditing projects?

There are several unique features about Ethos audits

Cyber security threat checks

Our audits are the only ones in the Crypto space that perform a comprehensive analysis of the cyber security threats that a project may face, they are severe risks and are largely ignored in crypto but they do happen. Through our partner Darkscope, we are able to add a thorough check of the infrastructure that a project is using and whether it can be attacked from the public side.

Early/privileged transactions

Ethos audits also look at very early transactions of a project’s token, to see if there are any potential malicious Transactions by the project owners or teams. In the future this will also be tracked live within our Audit NFTs

Liquidity status

Ethos audits also add a check of the liquidity of a project across DEXs and CEXs. Of course this is done after a project is launched, but we revise our audits to include this crucial info. In future versions we will also be tracking this live within our Audit NFTs.

Audit certificate NFTs

And finally our Audit NFT certificates. Every one of our audits come with a specialized Audit NFT which is sent to the smart contract which is audited. This NFT will certify that the token has passed an Ethos security audit as well as have other functions.

6. What is the cyber security threat check and how is it helpful?

Ethos’ partnership with Darkscope allows us include valuable analysis of crucial IT and cyber security vulnerabilities.

DNS issues can potentially be devastating for decentralized platforms and applications hosted on unsecured servers, leaving them open to be taken over by bad actors and redirecting user funds to their own wallets or other malicious sites.

Our analysis investigates the potential for:
• Phishing attacks
• DDoS & RDDoS
• Website hijack
• Ransomware
• Public email addresses
• DNS attacks
• Cyber risk score

7. What is the utility of the Ethos token?

The Ethos token is the primary method of payment required to pay for Ethos audits, as well as to pay for future automated AI-driven audits on the fully launched audit platform.

There will also be Ethos staking and pooling functionality launched in the near future along with the automated audit launch, for which LP tokens will need to be staked to access ongoing on-chain status tracking provided by Ethos audit NFTs.

8. What are the Ethos audit NFTs?

Projects audited by Ethos will receive a passing certificate in the form of a specialized Ethos NFT.

The audit NFT will represent a passing grade for the project, will be held by the smart contract indefinitely.

The NFT presents the issues and resolutions described in the full as decentralized exchanges so that they can quickly display the audit results described within the NFT on their front-end.

This will make it easier for their users to quickly see if an asset has a passing score and has healthy on-chain metrics such as liquidity status and privileged transaction alerts before trading the asset.

9. What does the Ethos project roadmap look like?


  • Project launch
  • Token swap for previous Super Shiba holders
  • Community Development
  • Manual Audit Product launch
  • Community and Project consolidation
  • Partnerships
  • CEX Listing (Bitmart)


  • CMC Listing
  • Coingecko Listing
  • Audit NFTs
  • Launch on Decentralized Cloud
  • Audit AI development


  • Ethos staking/farming dApp
  • AI-driven Instant Audit dApp
  • Focused Marketing Push


  • DEX Integration and partnerships
  • Oracle Integration and partnerships
  • Solana audits
  • Solana automated instant audit integration


  • Other Non-EVM chain audits
  • Non-EVM instant automated audit integration

10. Does Ethos team have the experience and ability to complete the roadmap?

The Ethos project team consist of a diverse group of developers from numerous disciplines, with combined over a decade of experience in blockchain and smart contract development. Their experience advances well beyond cryptocurrencies and into traditional software development for almost all industries.

The management team consists of personnel with decades of experience in software development and software project management, pulling past experience from Salesforce and PWC.

We believe Ethos has the right mix of development and management experience to be able to successfully deliver on the project as designed, as well as to keep adapting to the evolving cryptocurrency and smart contract driven world of DeFi.

About Ethos

Ethos is a a wholistic crypto services organization which specializes in bringing additional security to the crypto space by applying a proven and standardized approach to token and platform smart contract auditing. Ethos’ team of experienced developers bring decades of development and code auditing history from the traditional software development world.





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