Ethos Project Update — Refined Focus

Ethos to focus on audits and development services

Over the past 6 months of the project’s existence, Ethos has been through a few transformations and learned several lessons along the way.

  • Super Shiba started as a meme token with little utility besides transfer reflections, but a strong community pushed it forward during the memecoin mania in mid-May
  • Super Shiba quickly formed a solid team around itself, eventually launching SafeDex & Treats. SafeDex soon turned into an IDO Launchpad and Incubator for other projects, with Meme Lordz being one of the most ambitious projects in the NFT Gaming space
  • With newfound utility and a budding team behind it, a rebranding and relaunch as Ethos was a necessary move especially to provide real-world crypto services like audits and custom development
  • An ‘Ethosystem’ formed with the Ethos Project and seemed like the right role to give the project, as an ‘umbrella’ to the group of projects formed and brought into the ‘Ethosystem’

Now as Ethos continues to mature, it’s become evident that the ‘Ethosystem’ was a novel idea but in practice it is too confusing and really doesn’t reflect the refined focus and direction of Ethos as a project.

Having an ‘Ethosystem’ would work great if the projects within it give utility to the Ethos token and drive clients towards the services it provides. However, this has not been the case due to a lack of focus and a cohesive offering.

The purpose of this change include (but is not limited to) the following:

  1. To let Ethos and each ‘ethosystem’ project carve out their own niche in the crypto space and not be beholden to the success of Ethos or vice-versa
  2. To distinguish Ethos as a separate entity independent of other projects
  3. To keep community discussions localized to the group in which topics are relevant

Structural Changes

The change in focus for Ethos means that the division of activities and services will be as follows:

Ethos Project

  • Audits
  • Custom Development
  • Crypto Consulting Services
  • Future projects developed In-House


  • DEX
  • Pools/Farming
  • IDO Launchpad

While there will be some overlap of the teams associated with these two projects, it’s important to recognize them now as separate projects that are associated via partnership.

The partnership entails the inevitable sharing of clients between each project, as audit and custom development clients require DEX/farming/IDO services and vice-versa.

This will allow each project to flourish independently of each other and take their own trajectory. It’s important for each project to make this distinction since the utility and use cases for each are entirely different, and at some point in the near future will involve migrating to other chains independently.

‘Ethosystem’ projects

What this means for other ‘Ethosystem’ projects is that there should be a de-coupling of trajectories for each. SafeDex, Blockstock, PvP, Meme Lordz, Toolkit, etc. share partnerships with Ethos, but will not directly impact the future of Ethos and vice-versa. Hence, the term ‘Ethosystem’ will henceforth refer to the collection of Ethos’ partners.

Some of these may utilize Ethos, for instance, Meme Lordz is one of the top clients of Ethos services. However, it’s crucial to note that the direction, budget and management of these remain independent of Ethos which operates on its own operational budget and teams.

Impact on Communities

The most obvious change that this restructure will bring is the impact it should have on each community. Questions and discussions regarding each project should be directed and localized to their relevant group/chat.

Ethos — Audit inquiries, custom development inquiries, Ethos related discussions

SafeDex/Guardian — SafeDex IDO inquiries, Guardian token discussions, farming/pooling related questions including discussion on Ethos pools/farms

As always, other projects that fall under the ‘Ethos partner’ category can be discussed openly in the Ethos Official chat, however, specific questions and concerns should be directed to their respective groups.

It will be a process, however, the Ethos Community Leaders will actively direct folks to the correct groups to which their topic is relevant unless directly related to Ethos.

Website Updates

These changes and division of utilities will be made evident in a coming update to the Ethos website, which will be streamlined to describe its focused offering. This will also be evident in the upcoming release of Ethos Docs pages/whitepaper.

SafeDex will soon also have it’s own Docs page to detail specifics of that project, as well as its own Medium page to update followers on its progress.

Ethos Token Utility

Ethos Token will receive direct utility from its crypto-centric services in the following ways, however, this list will be expanded as new innovation is added to the project:

  • A % of profits generated from Audit services will be used for token buy-backs and added to Ethos liquidity pools
  • Ethos holders may receive early access and/or airdrops of tokens from client projects, dependent on the specific client
  • A portion of Custom Development profits will be used for token buy-back and burns, introducing a deflationary element to the Ethos token
  • Ethos holders will benefit directly via exclusive access and airdrops from other projects developed In-House by the Ethos team

Current Ethos Developments

  • Refocused website
  • Docs Pages
  • Audit NFTs
  • Building out Biz Dev teams
  • Two in-house crypto social media related projects
  • Two in-house NFT projects
  • Ongoing development for Meme Lordz project
  • Onboarding a couple of new clients of custom development and audit services

As always, projects and development will be announced when they are completed and ready to launch, as is customary these days in the crypto space. Stay tuned!

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