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3 min readApr 30, 2022


This Audit was conducted Ethos development teams. The following summarizes the details of the full Audit report provided to the client, the ToastedAVAX project.

ToastedAVAX is another miner project from the team behind the successful Baked Beans miner and the Beanchart Token, the Bake House. Toasted AVAX is launched on the Avalanche C-Chain network.

Contract can be found on Snowtrace here.

Overall audit result: POSITIVE

Ethos’ audit of the ToastedAVAX smart contract has concluded with a POSITIVE result.

ToastedAVAX team has produced a smart contract that adheres to the security measures known to reduce risks among known EVM/Solidity smart contract attack vectors.

For the full detailed audit, click here.

Result Summary

Ethos‘ audit of the ToastedAVAX smart contract has concluded with a POSITIVE result. The initial review identified a number of non-critical issues. The remaining report includes all issues identified in the initial review, as well as the revised status post resolution by the team.

  • The smart contract is a variant of the ‘miner‘ meta, with updates that allow for for additional flexibility for The Bakehouse team
  • It allows users to deposit network native tokens into the contract
  • Deposits are locked on deposit and redistributed to users over time
  • The rate of redistributions approximately 5% daily and varies based on the rate of increase of total value locked
  • There is a referral bonus distributed to referrers of approximately 7%
  • There is a 3% dev fee applied on all deposits and withdrawals
  • The dev fee, daily reward and referral bonus rates are all updatable by the team through function calls. This would normally result in centralization concerns, however, since the values are constrained and the team is well known and successful with the Baked Beans miner, full transparency with the community is expected and most likely a mitigating factor.
  • Value locked within the contract cannot be manually removed by the owner
  • The contract cannot be closed or shut off at any point after deployment

To conclude, this smart contract does what it is designed to, and is not ruggable by the owner or any other entities through attack vectors currently known in the EVM community.

About Toasted AVAX

ToastedAVAX is an miner fork on the Avalanche C-Chain created by the Bake House team, the same team behind the wildly successful Baked Beans miner and the Beanchart Token ($BCT).


About Ethos

Ethos is a a wholistic crypto services organization which specializes in bringing additional security to the crypto space by applying a proven and standardized approach to token and platform smart contract auditing.

Ethos’ team of experienced developers bring decades of development and code auditing history from the traditional software development world.

The code review conducted for Ethos audits follow the following structure:

  1. Review of specifications, documentation to assess smart contract functionality
  2. Manual, line-by-line review of code
  3. Code’s adherence to functionality as presented by documentation
  4. Automated tool-driven review of smart contract functionality
  5. Assess adherence to best practices
  6. Provide actionable recommendations